The Rakata invade… It does not cover the areas through which you enter through the green force field (story areas, group areas, etc.). This chapter acquaints the player with the secrets of every Korriban area. Last Edited: 29 Jan 2015 3:30 am. Does this have a post-game? Is there a way to finish the quests on Korriban? Kashyyyk walk-through finished. Once you fulfill the condition, you may travel to different planet with NPC. Even that has its own dialogue chain, so you can avoid reporting any other sidequests to him. However, I'd imagine that they should work fine. 9) Korriban (4th Star Map) [Trigger] Unfinished Business 1 2 (Mysterious Box) [Complete] Finding Dustil (Carth) 1 2--> Leviathan 10) Tatooine [Complete] Unfinished Business [Complete] Genoharadan: Hulas 11) Kashyyyk (5th Star Map) --> Star Forge System Total Traveling : 11 times (all side quests completed) [Dark Side] 1) Dantooine (1st Star Map) If you're character … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There are three quests here that can still be completed after you begin the Final Test. I haven't been upgrading that skill so i've brought up a droid with me to get him shine his computer skill rank 10 on that … This remote, foreboding planet was the original homeworld of the Sith species. Is there a way to finish her quest on Rakata Prime? So, yes the Persuade skill is what you"d use to complete those quests. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Upon landing at Korriban, get off of the Ebon Hawk and you'll find yourself on the landing pad. Dark side or light side conclusions are chosen based on overall speed for the route. If they’re in overload … Page Tools. Try to be sympathetic with them, otherwise the romance may end at some point. You can also release a captive to duel yourself. Pick maybe 3 for starters, ones that will get you something useful, like EXP for the droids and the hermit for example, and if 3 isn't enough, just keep getting 1 more quest at a time until he says okay. I wonder if there's a way to complete Juhani's dialogue sidequest here. The ultimate ending of Revan's adventures on Korriban depends on his choices … I know you need to bump into this old friend, but he's been in my party pretty much every time I've left my ship and still nothing. File:KotOR Map Tomb of Naga Sadow.png. A subreddit for fans of BioWare's classic 2003 RPG *Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic* and Obsidian Entertainment's 2004 sequel *Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords*. Star Wars: KOTOR Wiki Guide. Trapping … Prologue. "idk man... what do you think? Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. All Quests Guide v2.2: Male Scoundrel -> Jedi Guardian Route . You'll have to edit the file with Notepad so amke a backup copy before You start.… However, you can avoid any Dark Side points by telling them you wish to free them. In KOTOR, most of NPC quests are triggered if you talk to your members enough times. Not long after, Lashowe was brought before the head Sith Master of the Academy, Uthar Wynn, as one of several candidates to become a fully initiated Sith student. At some point prior to 30,000 BBY a Killik colony was established on Korriban, which eventually produced a Killik Sith Lord. II had a severe buttheart with the Mandalorian prisoner by the Weapon Cache side quest inside the Sith base on Korriban. Amusez vous un peu avec Laschowe. KOTOR: Romance (Bastila, Carth, Juhani) To trigger romance with Carth, Bastila or Juhani, speak to them often, especially after you finish each planet, until the topic is exhausted. 1) The Ebon Hawk . Replay value? Over time, the new Sith Empire lost its way back to Korriban, until a visit a few centuries ago by two Jedi returning from the Mandalorian wars. June 3, 2008: Added more bug fixes. So, I can't say with certainty that the Force Persuade Powers of Affect Mind and Dominate Mind would function with equal success. April 6, 2008: Kashyyyk map finished. Unfortunately, the sixth and final history dialog becomes unavailable after escaping the Leviathan or encountering Xor. Many of the posters here tend to start with sarcasm. Return to us once you have it, for you the test does not end there. We're actually very intellectual and would happily give advice to those who need it, but they sometimes see some of these questions as jokes from vets and play along accordingly. It is revealed that the most promising trainee will become the new apprentice to Lord Zash. I already completed Threat from Xor and I made sure to complete it after every other messenger quest (therefore I successfully triggered and completed Jagi's challenge and I have access to the secret shop on Korriban). Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Introduction ~ ~~~~~ This guide will explain all details about each of the side quests in this game. There is a side-quest here involving a woman named Dia; see the Side Quests at the end of this planet's section to learn more. In each location description there are: Detailed maps of each area you can enter (including the Heroic type, as well as all interiors and passages between them); All vendors, trainers, other … Vous psez l'Ebon Hawk sur Dresdhae. The man will mention that Carth's son Dustil is alive and has joined the Sith on Korriban. This sig will self-destruct in 3.... 2.... Just don't report any quest results to Uthar Wynn until you have finished all the sidequests. Now it's been quite a while since I've done a full playthrough of the game. The Sith Inquisitor, a former slave, starts on Korriban's Sith Academy to undergo training to become Sith. In order to fulfill romance with Carth & Bastila, you must complete their quest (in Carth's case, you must save Dustil). Korriban is my last planet, however, and I don't know, if me being outed as Revan didn't jeopardize that. Korriban: Side Quests. Verdekal posted...I really don't like putting *spoilers*, the game's 6 years old and most people here are vets. Sidequests ~ ~~~~~ A. Taris B. Dantooine C. Tatooine D. Kashyyyk E. Manaan F. Korriban G. Unknown World A. Taris There are 12 sidequests on Taris. Il vous faut absolument un … The young Sith prevails through the early trials and is sent (along with the final appre… AQ Route • Open main cargo hold • Bash open footlocker • Loot broken droid • Loot Kreia and broken droid • Open security door • Fix droid • Loot all 3 containers in the storage room • Send T3 to garage: 1 2 1 2 5 • Go near the workbench • … Top Contributors: IGN-GameGuides, Andreweisen, IGN-Cheats + more. Etant Revan vous ne devrez pas payer le port. An intermission sequence will occur where someone who knows Carth will recognize and talk to him. Also fixed various spelling errors. You'll also … Chain_Gansta, don't start. You are not obligated to talk to him at any one particular moment unless you're running the Double-Double Cross sidequest. July 10, 2008: Manaan Maps and Side-quests finished. Press J to jump to the feed. Oh well.I'm running for a "complete journal" run and on Korriban; you can start as many of the prestige tasks as you like but when you report them to Master Uthar, he will cut you off when you've gotten as many prestige points as he likes and I can't really seem to mention them to him and the tasks that you do not report do not vanish from the active quests part of the menu after you've gotten to the Star Map. If you've got Carth's side quest, you can slice the datafiles for some info on that for bonus xp, but it won't help you with the quest. Korriban Walk-through and Side-quests finished. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Kotor 2 Nar Shaddaa Side Quests Map. Anyways once that's out of the way, on any planet but Korriban Jordo should show up afterwards and give you this quest, so long as you have not yet eliminated access to the Sith Acadamey. Continue towards the east and you’ll come across some mines and a Goto Central Commander. Sith Academy side quests Hello Dears! So should I just only start as many tasks as needed?---I'm always right. Bastila est captive de Darth Malak et il faut agir vite avant qu'elle ne bascule dans le côté obscur. I already completed Threat from Xor and I made sure to complete it after every other messenger quest (therefore I successfully triggered and completed Jagi's challenge and I have access to the secret shop on Korriban). Even that has its own dialogue chain, so you can avoid reporting any other sidequests to him. Fortunately it's optional, so as long as you completed all personal dialogs you should be able to complete Juhani's quest by speaking to her after the encounter on the Temple Summit in the Star Forge System, before traveling to the Star Forge. "I suppose this may be a personal distinction, but I don't care what the Journal screen in the menu system says. of the "Special Items Shop" at Korriban, I delayed her quest -not the talks with she- until I get the invitation of the shop (including, for my playthrough, finishing all the others NPC's Side Quests except finding Carth's son). Added another couple of fixes. Kill the droid and search the remains to find the Minefield access code. 2) The Valley – There are two important points to note while walking through the valley. The entrance to the Jedi Courtyard is from the Enclave Courtyard. Or you may stay on the same planet, exit the landing pad & transit back with NPC. Règlez le problème de la marchandise de contrebande après avoir reçu le code par le Rodian. Secondly, when you go near one of the tombs on either side of the valley you’ll be given a short … The above is the optimal Light Side path that grants the most Light Side points upon completion; however, Revan can achieve enough prestige to enter Naga Sadow's tomb having completed less than half of the available quests on Korriban, and has many opportunities to choose the Dark Side over the Light. After the fight, you'll get 50xp per captive. Carth's side-quest requires you to talk to him about his wife and son before the messenger shows up. $ Denotes the completion of a quest DS Denotes a dark side completion option LS Denotes a light side completion option. Made firefox compatible. Click through to a planet below for a full listing of the available side Just don't report any quest results to Uthar Wynn until you have finished all the sidequests. Cheat Codes You have to find the file called "swkotor.ini" in your Knights of the Old Republic game folder. *Spoilers*. Side Missions can be picked up on various Planets & Hubs. Korriban, originally known as Pesegam, is the sole planet in the Horuset system, located in the Outer Rim.It was the original homeworld of the Sith Purebloods and a sacred planet for the Sith Order, housing the tombs of many ancient and powerful Dark Lords of the Sith, and containing immense Dark side power and maybe, a few light side secrets. ~~~~~ ~ 2. You are not obligated to talk to him at any one particular moment unless you're running the Double-Double Cross sidequest. Zaalbar's quest is linear … How do I get out of the Manaan Sith Base without being arrested...? You must complete their Side-Quests for the subplot to continue. These are the Renegade Students, the Rogue Droid, and the Prisoner's weapon cache, the last of which can only be completed if the Academy is still friendly. The first is that when you search any of the Skeletal Corpses you’ll be attacked by cloaked Hssiss Beasts which are guarding the remains. Either use the “overload†or “shut down†program. View Mobile Site Korriban . It was tightly controlled by the … ", "You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek", Going to finish the story of Revan. 1) Bastila (Male only) [Highlights] Part 1: Kiss with … The only thing remaining is to talk with Juhani and essentially make her spill the beans about idolizing Revan. Also, I tend to play Light Side. 11) Command Console – Use the console here to unlock the Minefield system. I know what I've done and that's all that matters. Thankfully, much of the journal (most planet-specific quests, including the ones in question) is purged once you start endgame, as someone mentioned. Carth requires that you have at least two star maps before he will talk. Soluce Kotor 1 KORRIBAN KORRIBAN . This is my Let's Play for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, or Kotor, for short. Route by R4ng3, ChaosDrifter and indykenobi . I mean.. "your always right..." right", TC, if you never get the quest, it's just as if it doesn't exist to you. I mean.. "your always right..." right? Hello, I am playing KotOR I and I am currently on Korriban. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Dantooine Side Quests. Most of them are not required to finish the game, but they are worth doing for experience, items, more story, and fun. And there, standing alongside the more familiar faces of Mekel and Shaardan, was a “late entry”: the man she had accosted in … Did not finish The Old Republic. When one is released, though you might wish to save them, nothing can be done. (spoilers). IIRC, this will happen somewhere around the time you make it to The Unknown Planet or on the Star Forge. Hello, I am playing KotOR I and I am currently on Korriban. The insectoid colonists were swiftly driven off, though, by the Sith. April 17, 2008: Updated and fixed links in stores section. March 31, … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Follow the path that leads from the Space Port to outside the Czerka Corporation office and continue walking. I have activated a few side quests for other companions, specifically Bastilla and Mission but I seem to be unable to activate Carths. Valley of Dark Lords. There's something really nice about getting to the finale and having "The Final Confrontation" be the only thing left (as opposed to KOTOR II, where I'm always left with random junk) . idk man... what do you think? … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After having completed all of the planets and finishing the Master of the Palace quest you’ll need to talk to Kreia and she’ll tell you about the Jedi Enclave being rebuilt on Dantooine. I just bought KOTOR 1 and 2 on steam and have been playing through the first one. I wonder if there's a way to complete Juhani's dialogue sidequest here. The tasks which aren't reported WILL vanish from active quest log eventually. Seems that walkthrough via the LIght side needs having a computer skill to get the prisoner into coma. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. This route completes all 100 main and side quests in the game with no restrictions.