Fitness - Lots of walking - good gym. If I had enough cash to do it, it would be a no-brainer. That is cheaper than most senior living or assisted living type places that would offer meals and activities. As a solo cruiser in an inside cabin, cruising the Caribbean 80% of the time (Europe, TA, and Panama Canal cruises the other 20%), it is about $70k/yr for his cruise fares. Some of the itineraries were as cheap as $45 a day! But I could definitely see myself doing a few back to backs in a row. He’s a single guy who never had kids and it sounds like most of his friends are big into cruising so they meet up while on the ship. But 2 weeks on and 3 weeks off? swimming, etc. Yes the food was one of the reasons why I was thinking I would want to cruise on different lines. I think that’s also due to limited scheduled itineraries right now due to covid. I particularly like repo cruises..longer and great amenities. My friend recently created this search tool that finds the cheapest back-to-back cruises. If you're living on a cruise ship full-time, $3,000 per month can seem expensive. I worked on a cruise ship. But think of the trivia! A community to discuss frugal travelling, last-minute travel deals, cheap destinations, and cheap means of travel. I'm glad he is doing what he wants, but probably not my idea of a perfect retirement. Internet service, which is a lifeline for most permanent cruisers to keep in … Living on a cruise ship means you'll need to be reasonably healthy and not in need of the kind of care you get in assisted living. At first and to many it may sound amazing, but when you really think of what you wouldn't be able to do you may think twice or quickly tire of it once you try it. :). Having some backend issues. That all factors in. Didn't get a chance to talk to him, but I did see his sign that said "Super Mario's Office" above one of the tables on the pool deck. I met a retired couple on the Emerald Princess a few year back. As an added benefit you don't need a car, car insurance, a house or house insurance. After you commented, someone found a 63 day itinerary for $35.33/day which has to be a record... Dude my rent alone is $66 a day. I would be happy Cruising 1 ten day cruise a month though. If you are doing it all the time it would just get pretty boring. Or workout twice or more a day! We do not tolerate any Spam, any form of self promotion will result in a ban, usually with no warning. He stays on a ship for about 6 months before switching to a different one. An autopsy conducted on … Does your rent come with unlimited food too? Any way that Norfolk, VA could get added? What line would you pick? (I would choose a Princess boat; I love their trivia). No, because my non-travel hobbies aren't really conductive to full time cruising. The Medical on the ship would be inadequate for my needs. He joked that he gains weight the two weeks he spends on land and then loses that weight when he comes back on board! Almost 4 years. But for cruise ship workers, who spend months on end on the high seas, it's a very different world. Assisted living facilities offer a level of care that makes them incomparable to a cruise ship. I would give it a try but hard to say I'd be happy living on a ship for 90%+ of any given year. Landry is a pain. There are things that would appeal to me and things that would not, and a few things that would make it impossible. When I am 70 years of age will I be "warehoused" away in a depressing old folks home and rarely getting outside? He eats at the buffet for dinner so he can eat soup and salad a lot. On most cruise ships, you pay extra for alcoholic beverages and sodas. Even if I pick just one night it says no results match my criteria? To be honest, I think it would become tiring. Food - While the food would get boring, so does the food I eat now and the variety is way greater than the variety I generally eat most days. They spent two weeks in New York with one daughter at Christmas time and two weeks in the summer in Florida with their other daughter. on a Cruise Ship Full Time with Royal Caribbean’s one and only Super Mario! While living on a cruise ship might be a dream for many, there are actually several cruise lines that offer cabins you can buy and use as a permanent residence. Such a lifestyle can be downright affordable if you live most of the year on a cruise ship. I’d have to get some better self control. Speaking of potential medical issues, cruise ships also have a reputation for spreading illnesses. Different mix of food options and activities to keep things from getting boring. Probably not even possible to do right now tho. Living on a cruise ship My friend recently created this search tool that finds the cheapest back-to-back cruises . Doesn't work too well on Android. The allure of the shows and casino and bars can only go for so long. Living on a cruise ship is a new concept for baby boomers seeking a stimulating retirement in a warm climate. No real friends that aren't paid to be nice to you. If the fitness center had sprung Marley floors, I would do it. It probably would come down to what my alternative is? Lee Wachtstetter, an 86-year-old Florida widow, took her daughter's advice. An active senior development may be a fairer comparison, but I doubt you could find one with rooms as small as non premium cabins on a cruise ship. Staterooms in luxury cruise ships are equipped with comfortable living areas, separate bedrooms and kitchenettes. Enjoy! Positive- everything. I work for an airline and get dirt cheap interlink discounts especially if they are last minute! I recently posted it to r/Cruise and they thought this sub would appreciate it. Let us know if there are additional features you'd like to see. The World is the only private residential community-at-sea where its Residents may travel the globe without ever leaving home. If you’re looking for companionship during the sailing, then those that have the most success will be those who cast the widest net. Connect with me on IG for real-time updates! In contrast to living on a cruise ship with regular staterooms, The World, launched in 2002, offers 165 residences, ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Micki Kanesaki, 52, disappeared from a cruise and her body was found days later, on May 27, 2006, in the Mediterranean Sea near Italy. It’s great when you’re on an ocean liner and they go around the world. In order to keep the content of the sub from being overrun with vacation videos links to video sites are not allowed. There are over 130 families that actually live aboard this cruise ship in their comfortable suites, some having up to three bedrooms. Cancer survivor with a non trivial chance of recurrence. He says a balcony would be ~$30k more a year and a jr suite ~$60k more. And all the passengers are new each week, so your only long term friendships are with the crew, and to them it's always going to be still partially just their job. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The demographics of a cruise ship change dramatically throughout the year. Fun to think about though. You can retire on the water, with the ability to savor different ports of call at the same time. Whether couchsurfing, camping, or staying in hostels, whether hitchhiking or staying on Airbnb, let's discuss and share the best budget travel ideas and deals! I met Mario last year during a cruise and chatted with him almost every day... he’s literally my idol. Living on a cruise ship An estimated 24 million people are expected to take cruises this year. I need to quit this life and just live on a ship, damn. Thanks for pointing it out! :). If you live in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area you know all about this way of life. There were old people doing that all the time. I was definitely thinking of that. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press J to jump to the feed. He would win every week! Also a tip for your clients, when they are boarding the ship, tell them not to rush getting there. I enjoy cruising but I don’t think I could live on the ship. On most ships the food repeats on a weekly basis. Should be back up within an hour. Personally, I would not voluntarily live … Since it first set sail in 2002, The World has visited over 800 ports in approximately 140 countries. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. An active senior development may be a fairer comparison, but I doubt you could find one with rooms as small as non premium cabins on a cruise ship. Cheaper than senior living and food/entertainment. Most of the time, Norovirus, the most common cause of illness on a cruise ship, is only a minor annoyance. appts, and laundry, and shopping .. etc. Definitely. Keep in mind, though, that you'll also be saving money in other areas. We met him on the Freedom of the Seas in November 2017, he's a really nice guy and if hes not working will talk to you for as long as you want. Would you stay loyal to one specific line or would you make the rounds to different ones? One video made him seem kind of lonely and sad while he’s saying he’s the happiest guy on earth. I don't think I would do it permanently like that, but if money were no object I'd probably do this like 1/3 of the year. If you managed to save $1 million dollars over all your years of working and then earned at least 10% on that each year that gives you $100,000 in annual interest income. Since cruise ship employees work around the clock, they’ve got to live on the ship and adjust to cruise ship life.